A Love Story

Just want to share this “Love Story” that Yco made for our anniversary. After reading it for nth time, I still find it funny and I admit that he really amaze me by how he could make surprises in a very short time. So this is what happened…

Last May 18, 2015 at 12:00 AM he greeted me “Happy Anniversary!” but I responded with “No, it’s not yet our anniversary because I said yes at 9:00 PM”. LOL. But of course, I wasn’t really serious about how precise we must be! Yet I didn’t greet him back. 😛

On our flight back to Manila, my phone suddenly alarmed at 9:00 PM that comes with a note “Happy Anniversary! Open Safari. Check read”. Okay, I was too sleepy to check it but I did it anyway… then boom! Fail! No internet connection so I wasn’t able to read whatever he has sent. Haha.

This is a story that I actually excluded from my previous post: CEBU: TOP DESTINATIONS AND ACTIVITIES!. But since my man want it to be posted as well (yup, he said my Cebu trip post wouldn’t be complete without this story. LOL), here it goes:

Team Breezy Love Story 🙂

Love Story - Pulag

Dati, mag-isa pa akong na ngangarap.


Kaya malabo pa =))


Buti nalang ginabayan tayo ni Lord. Pati si Buenavides na pataas ng kamay! =))


Ayun, love story natin ay parang cosplay. Tinuruan mo akong maging jejemon.


Minsan Bruno Mars.


Minsan Nerds.


Kadalasan, Maganda at Pogi =))

Blue Leaf

Pero kahit mukha tayong Cosplayer, sagot natin likod ng bawat isa :”>

Love Story - Universal Studio



Pero mas sweet ako 😛

Hong Kong

Nilakbay na natin lahat, Alaska.

SM Megamall

Nag cruise sa Pacific Ocean.


Nag lakad sa Vigan.

Ilocos, Vigan

Lagi tayong mag kasama, lalo sa foodtrip!



Kulitan! Kahit halata na binubully ako =))


Buti nalang mabait ako O:)

Auntie Annes

I love you most! Happy Anniversary Aurika Matias!


Oh well, I love you too! Yie.

Can’t decide where to eat? 8 Street Bites might be for you!

There are several restaurants that one can choose from when you’re at SM City North EDSA for an obvious reason: It has three buildings! From The Annex to The Block and vice-versa, it can be quite hard to choose where to eat, especially when you are with your barkada. Ask them and you’ll most likely be answered with a resounding, “Kahit saan!

Well, 8 Street Bites Restaurant just might be for you and your group! It is an American-themed casual dining restaurant that offers a variety if choices. From appetizers to main dishes, to drinks and desserts that will surely satisfy everyone. Here’s a sneak peek as to why you should try and visit:

The Place and Ambiance

8 Street Bites Restaurant
8 Street Bites Restaurant

From the post-it design to the freedom wall up to the lighting, it really is inviting and has that oh-so-cozy feel that you would want to stay a little longer.

The Food

Aside from its inviting ambiance, the food is also affordable –  another reason why it is a perfect place to chill with your friends! Below are just some of their must-try:

8 Street Bites Restaurant
Freewayt Fries and Freeway Nachos

Freeway Fries

Fries that is covered with melted cheddar cheese, picco de galo and baked beans for P98.

Freeway Nachos

Tortilla chips covered with melted cheedar cheese, pico de galo and baked beans for P98.

Street-Fighter Chicken Fingers

Hand-battered fried chicken breast fillet, tossed with cayenne pepper and served with java rice for P148.

Country-Fried Chicken Steak

Fried breaded chicken fillet, topped with roated garlic, milk gravy served with java rice for P148.

Chicken Tender Bites

Hand battered fried chicken fillet, served with honey mustard and java rice for P148.

Honey Glaze Chicken Tender

Hand battered fried chicken, basted with honey glaze and served with java rice for P148.

Salisbury Steak

Wagyu and Angus mixed patty with milk gravy served with coleslaw and rice for P178.


A better version of 7/11’s slurpee for only P48!

Bottomless Brewed Iced Tea

The glass is big enough to hold your standard one glass of iced tea. But if you are an iced tea lover, why not get bottomless the iced tea? Only P48!

Aside from the ones shown there’s a lot more to try from their menu!



The staffs are accomodating, friendly and they serve the orders fast and fresh.

If I were to be asked, would I give it another try? Yes! I still lots to try from their menu!


For more information, visit their Facebook account here.

Mckinley Hill and its hidden dining gem

When I ask a friend, “Have you been to McKinley Hill?” I often get the answer, “Uhm… no. How do you go there?” Haha. Well, there are vans near the MRT-Ayala Station (SM Makati Side) that costs P25 going to McKinley Hill and vice-versa.

McKinley Hill is in Taguig City; mostly known for its Megaworld condominiums, embassies, football field – Emperador Stadium, international schools and office buildings. But what most don’t know, is that the community also boasts a restaurant strip that serve an impressive array of foreign cuisine. These restaurants are really a must-try!

  1. Black Canyon Coffee

They serve not only coffee but also internationally known Thai cuisine such as Pad Thai. The first floor is a casual dining area but if you want to chill in a cozy café style ambiance, then the second floor is for you. My favorite drink to order is their Cha Thai Yen (Thai Iced Tea with milk). <3

Mckinley hill BCC
Pad Thai
Photo from Facebook page


Mckinley hill
Chai Thai Yen

Website: http://www.blackcanyoncoffee.com.ph/

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/blackcanyoncoffeeph

  1. Lucky’s Burger and Bar

Formerly known as “The Burgery” it is one of the most affordable eats at posh Tuscany. The menu mostly consists of Western food favorites. I recommend Lucky’s Crispy Bacon and Egg. It’s like a Baconsilog with a twist!

Mckinley hill
Lucky’s Crispy Bacon and Egg
Photo from Zomato

Mckinley hill

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Luckys-Burger-and-Bar-Tuscany/1549289338626631?fref=ts


  1. Terry’s: The Art of Food

If cooking is your hobby then you should visit this store! All of the good stuff from Spain are available here. Every time I visit this store, I’m wishing that I have unlimited money because I want to buy everything that they sell!  After seeing the ingredients, you would want to go home immediately and cook! 🙂

Goods from Spain

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/TerrySelection


  1. Main Street

This place has more of Canadian comfort food and has a vintage feel. They have their signature cup of happiness ice cream which comes in eight flavors, (P95/cup)!  Great place to chill with your friends, may it be noon or night. Try their best-seller Poutine and Buttermilk Chicken (you might also want to order and add a glass of beer to that) Enjoy!

Ice Cream
Signature ice cream
Photo from @ohkayeenlim



Photo from Facebook

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/main.st.restaurant

  1. Wursty-Wursty

Wursty-Wursty is worth the price and I must say, has a unique name. If you are in the McKinley area, you might want to check out this place. This is the best place to have some fun especially on a Friday night – grab some beer with your friends, jam with the band and eat a variety of finger food! You can buy a whole liter of draft beer that will last you the whole night for just P200. Not bad, right?

One liter of draft beer
Photo from Facebook

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wursty-Wursty/208467545863557

  1. Milky Way

If you’re after some Filipino cuisine, then go here. They serve some of the best and classic Filipino favorites – fresh lumpiang ubod, sizzling bangus, etc. Don’t forget to leave some space for dessert because they also serve homemade ice cream and halu-halo!

Milky way

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Milky-Way-at-Mckinley-Hill/1405302796364296


  1. Ukokkei Ramen Ron

Craving for some ramen? Japanese cuisine is also in Tuscany! This restaurant is one of popular place to eat ramen.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ukkokei-Ramen-Ron/173979665986190

  1. Nihonkai Tsukiji

A newly-opened modern sushi house at Tuscany, they offer fresh and authentic Japanese delicacies that are prepared in the traditional Japanese cooking way. It has two floors: first floor has the sushi bar and the second floor is for private dining. Outside of the restaurant are some Cherry Blossom decors.


Photo from Facebook


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NihonkaiTsukiji

9. Marciano’s: Pizza, Pasta, Steak

An American–Italian inspired restaurant. I had a really good first impression of the place as it was well-styled and is sophisticated. For pizza lovers, try their West Side Four Seasons Pizza!


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Marcianos-Pizza-Pasta-Steaks-Tuscany/207661079403575


What was the turning point of your life?

We all have those turning points in our lives. A moment that magically makes you know what is right then suddenly you dare yourself in either staying in your old trail (comfort zone) or forget the old one and re-define your future by writing a new script for your life.

Should I stay or walk away?
Yes or No?
Listen to your heart or to fear?
Do you want to be in the same spot or are you going to step-up?

Some are scared to embrace change, why?

We change
But failed
We doubt
We go back to our comfort zone
We take time to think
We over-think
We worry

 It is sad that we easily give up once we experience a failure, when we really all just need to do is to stand again and learn from that failure.

Nothing happens until you decide.

Your dream house will not be there the moment you wake-up. The money you need will not magically show up. You will not have an answer in your test unless you choose between A, B, C or D. Not a single thing will occur. You have to decide first.

Don’t let fear steal your dreams. Say YES to your heart, to what you love.

Don’t let fear stop you, let love help you to step-out of your shell. Just say yes to your heart, to what you love and you will feel more alive. 🙂

When was the turning point of your life?