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    Flexwear Emotions: Henna Brown Contact Lens

    After how many months, I’m back with colored contact lens but the color is different from my previous one – Slate Grey. Last week, I bought this contact lenses from Executive Optical (EO) at Glorietta. After browsing and trying out different colors, I have settled with Henna Brown because it’s like I’m not wearing any colored lenses. But if you look closer, it’s a little bit bigger than my natural eyes. 🙂

    Brand: Flexwear Emotions

    Flexwear Emotions contact lenses are designed to make your eyes look fuller and more enchanting by using Brown Limbal Rings to enhance and soften your eyes. Popularized in Japan and Korea, Emotions lenses are the most natural looking Doll lenses you will find.

    Flexwear Emotions contact lenses are available in 5 different colors: Periwinkle Purple, Henna Brown, Grey Mist, Green Tea, and Riviera Blue

    Color: Henna Brown (with grade)

    Lifespan: 12 months

    Price: Php 630

    It also have free Flexwear Solutions and case.

    Flexwear Solutions

    henna brown

    Left: Natural Right: With Henna Brown lens

    Henna Brown mix Both eyes wearing Henna Brown contact lenses

    I’ve finally found a colored contact lens that enhances your eyes but still gives you that natural look! 🙂 I’m pretty sure that not everyone in the office have noticed my new colored contact lenses yet. Haha!



    My Hair Style

    How adventurous and creative can you style your hair?

    If I were to be asked, I’ve done a lot of dyeing and cutting with my hair for the past 3 years. So here’s some of my selfies with different hair styles:

    1. Long Brown Hair

    Long Brown Hair

    I had a shoulder length black hair when I started working way back 2013. Months after, my hair grew that long then I decided to dye it with brown for a change.

    2. Bob Cut

    Bob Cut

    After a year, I got irritated with my hair. LOL. I don’t know how to style my own hair so I tried bob cut which I think made me look matured compared with the longer one.

         3. Shoulder Length Ombre


    After months of letting my hair grow naturally, I got bored with it again so I tried out something new… Ombre! Which I regret later on because it is high-maintenance and the end of my hair became too dry. I want to grow my hair longer and have it curled at the end but the stylists won’t let me, they said they can’t curl a bleached hair which made me move on to the next style.

        4. Pixie Cut

    Pixie Cut

    Say hello to my current hair style, Pixie cut! Good bye bleached hair! I like it even though I look like a (Korean) boy with this style. 🙂 I was hesitant at first because I’m not sure if I will look good with this style; I even thought about it for a week until I got brave enough to go for it. Yeah, I feel brave for doing it!

    What do you think? I need feedback. Which hair style do you think suits me best? 🙂