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    Dubsmash Presentation

    Hello, everyone!

    I was busy lately and most of the time I was out with my loved ones so you see, I’ve been quiet in my blog site for the past few days. 🙂

    As for today, I have a good news! We had this year-end (end of fiscal year) party in office; from games up to group presentations, everything was fun! My cheeks hurt from laughing a lot. Ho-ho. So what’s the good news, eh?

    Last night, I was busy editing our group’s Dubsmash video presentation for today’s event. It’s just a 4 minute video but I finished doing it around 2AM. There were in between breaks though. 😛

    The good news is…. We bagged the 1st place! Congrats team! Yahoo! It’s just a simple video presentation so we’re all shocked when they announced that our team won, really unexpected. I’m very happy about it! Can you feel it? Haha.

    Even though I feel shy about it, I still want to share the video with you guys. :”> Tell me what do you think about the video and enjoy!


    Video: Albay, Bicol 2015

    Video summary of our spontaneous two days trip to Albay, Bicol. Videos were taken using iPhone 6.

    Click here for Day 1 Albay, Bicol itinerary.

    Click here for Day 2 Albay, Bicol itinerary.