Arriving in the U.S.A. was an achievement of mine for the year 2016 while exploring around in different states for three weeks was another big thing! Thank you Philippine Airlines for being on time! From L.A.X., Read More

  • I’d Like To Visit…

    Everyone has their own “Top Places To Visit” and so, I’m going to share mine too! 🙂 These are the local and international places that I would like to visit for this year; hopefully, I’d Read More

  • #CosmoMoveIt 2016

    My friends and I were able to attend the second and final part of the #CosmoMoveIt by Cosmopolitan Philippines that was held on April 21, 2016 at the BGC Amphitheater. Cosmo shirt that you can Read More

  • We Live To Explore

    In my previous blog, I have shared that I bought my first camera, Fujifilm X-A2! The Fujifilm X-A2 is a mirrorless camera that is good for entry-level and upon research, these are the key features Read More