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    Mt. Pulag: Ambangeg Trail

    Last March 28 and 29 of 2015 – We climbed the second highest mountain in Philippines, Mt. Pulag! Special mention goes to Anver from Sunburn Tours for guiding us very well; such a funny and humble person.

    We hiked the mountain via Ambangeg Trail, to which I’d say the difficulty is moderate. It is highly recommended to do some warm-up exercises or practice hike like what I did at Mt. Pico De Loro, before the climb especially if you will start from Ranger Station because it takes an average of four hours to hike up to the summit. You wouldn’t want to be left out, Haha!

    Below was our 2 days itinerary:

    Day 0 (Friday)

    09:30pm: Assembly time in Victory Liner Cubao

    10:00pm: Departure from Manila to Baguio City via Victory Liner

    Day 1 (Saturday)

    05:00am: Arrival in Baguio City, proceeded to rented jeepney.

    06:00am: Stopover, breakfast.

    09:00am: ETA DENR Pulag (Orientation & Registration)

    11:00am: ETA Ranger Station and ate some heavy lunch.

    12:00nn: Started trek leading to campsite.

    04:00pm: ETA Camp 2. Set up tent and prepared dinner.

    07:00pm: Dinner at campsite; social time.


    Strawberry Taho of Baguio

    Day 2 (Sunday)

    03:30am: Wake up call

    04:00am: Started trek to summit

    05:30am: Time at summit

    06:30am: Headed back to camp

    07:30am: Breakfast

    08:30am: Started descent

    11:00pm: Back at Ranger Station, grabbed some lunch, showered

    01:00pm: ETD Ranger Station

    02:00pm: ETA DENR (check out)

    05:00pm: ETA Baguio City (early dinner)

    07:00pm: ETD Baguio City

    12:00am: Back in Manila

    I really felt so weak but when we reached the summit, that feeling seemingly went away as I immediately took my phone out to take photos. It was like I forgot how weak I was prior to reaching the summit. 😛

    Mt. Pulag

    Sunrise at summit

    Mt. Pulag

    The Sky <3

    Mt. Pulag

    Team Breezy 🙂

    Mt. Pulag


    Stop over at Ambuklad Bokod


    Thank God for creating such a beautiful scenery! Everything was worth it!