My Life Lately: February and March


Supposed to be a monthly series by I have missed to post “My Life Lately: February” so I’ll just post it together with the month of March. 🙂

1. I was so ecstatic about my U.S. Tourist Visa being approved so I have shared it immediately in my blog. Even though every detail was already there, a lot was still asking me about it. I guess it excites them too!

2. I went to Baguio with two of my office mates. It was an unplanned one! We didn’t even know that it was the start of Penagbengga Festival. Haha. The unplanned trips are one of the awesome trips. 😉 Makes me want to try a solo trip soon.


3. I will be opening a business and this one is still a secret. Don’t worry, I will reveal it soon! 😛

4. Went ice skating at SM MOA with my office mates. I missed my skates and also being inside the ice skating rink! I somehow regret selling my skates. Ugh.

5. Bought my first camera, Fujifilm XA-2 Mint Green (Yes, my favorite color). I was eyeing the XT-10 model, but the price is too much for me. 🙁 So I’ve made up my mind to buy a cheaper one yet with a good quality and will just upgrade after a year…sss. I also met a guy who is a solo traveler, he will be in Europe for 3 weeks. I’m so envious! I wonder what camera did he bought after I convince him to choose Fujifilm instead. Haha!

6. I’m happy to see that my blog views are still high even though I’m not updating it consistently. Though my Alexa rank and statistics went down, big time.

7. Two of my closest friends went back to PH so yeah, got to celebrate their homecoming!

Photo with my girlfriends using my new camera Fujifilm XA-2



My 23rd Birthday

A week full of junk foods

3 days have passed since my 23rd birthday and I’m still ecstatic about it. Unlike last year, I did not take an EH (Elective Holiday) in my work because I just got back from my trip to Surigao and I was out of the office for 9 days. Haha!

Even though I’m on a night shift and it means I’ll have to celebrate my birthday in office, my teammates never failed to surprise me with a cake! I wasn’t expecting anything on that night yet they still managed to make me feel that it’s my special day. 🙂

I’m so happy that I was able to celebrate my birthday with different set of friends! Thank you for the gifts, surprises and birthday greetings! You made my day extra special, I love you all!

Thank you, God, for all the blessings that you have given me and for giving me another year of life.

P.S. Will have a triple birthday celebration (mine, my sister’s and my brother’s) with my family on weekend. <3 Happy birthday to us.


Fire Sword Cafe: Come for the food. Stay for the games.

Fire Sword

My first time to try a board game cafe. 🙂 Came here with my friends on a Sunday night because we want to play board games and to check out the new place as well.

The Place and Ambiance


Fire Sword Cafe is not that big but could accommodate enough people to eat while enjoying the board games. 🙂 I like how they designed their tables with borders to avoid the falling of small objects and there is also an extra shelf beneath the table where we can hide the box or extra items of board games in order to have more space for the table.

A great place to bond with friends and family!



The staffs and even the owner are very accommodating and generous enough to teach us how to play King of Tokyo and Takenoko. Haha. They are very helpful in suggesting new games for us to try! I like all games that we have played: Epic Spell Wars, King of Tokyo and Takenoko.

As for the food, I only tried the Swissmiss Milk Shake and it was actually delicious. 🙂 There is no doubt that I will come back here with my friends to try the other foods and board games.

Swissmiss Milk Shake With friends

Location: Unit 201 Times Square Building, 57 Examiner Corner Times Street, West Triangle, Quezon City

Click here for their Facebook account.



Breakout Logo

My friends and I get to try The Zombie Room, Breakout at TriNoma last February 28, 2015. We were divided into two groups – Girls vs Boys! The girls’ team almost made it out but upon reaching the last door, we were not able to enter the correct passcode until we ran out of time. So close! 🙁

About the boys… well, the girls don’t know what REALLY happened to them while inside the Zombie room. Haha!


I have found out today that Breakout Philippines will have 2 intense Halloween events this coming November. They partner-up with FOX International Channels and Victoria Court to bring us an immersive horror like no other!

#VPartySeries: Midnight Mysteries

Midnight Mysteries is an Interactive Horror Experience. This time, breaking out of the room is not enough… Check-in, be trapped, and try to survive!

Immerse yourselves in an experience that takes you out of your comfort zone! Join with friends but prepare to be separated and be left alone in the dark.

Click here to read more about this special event. 

The Walking Dead

Can you BREAKOUT from a room with a lurking walker? FOX’s The Walking Dead is once again teaming up with the country’s premier escape room game to bring you an experience like no other!

You and your friends have 45 minutes to escape while trying to keep your wits together as a flesh eating walker breathes down your necks. Can you Breakout? Or will you be walker bait?

Click here to check out this room game.

Reading the details excites me already! I want to try both rooms with my friends. 🙂 Are you brave enough to take the challenge? Book now before you miss all the fun!

Can’t decide where to eat? 8 Street Bites might be for you!

There are several restaurants that one can choose from when you’re at SM City North EDSA for an obvious reason: It has three buildings! From The Annex to The Block and vice-versa, it can be quite hard to choose where to eat, especially when you are with your barkada. Ask them and you’ll most likely be answered with a resounding, “Kahit saan!

Well, 8 Street Bites Restaurant just might be for you and your group! It is an American-themed casual dining restaurant that offers a variety if choices. From appetizers to main dishes, to drinks and desserts that will surely satisfy everyone. Here’s a sneak peek as to why you should try and visit:

The Place and Ambiance

8 Street Bites Restaurant
8 Street Bites Restaurant

From the post-it design to the freedom wall up to the lighting, it really is inviting and has that oh-so-cozy feel that you would want to stay a little longer.

The Food

Aside from its inviting ambiance, the food is also affordable –  another reason why it is a perfect place to chill with your friends! Below are just some of their must-try:

8 Street Bites Restaurant
Freewayt Fries and Freeway Nachos

Freeway Fries

Fries that is covered with melted cheddar cheese, picco de galo and baked beans for P98.

Freeway Nachos

Tortilla chips covered with melted cheedar cheese, pico de galo and baked beans for P98.

Street-Fighter Chicken Fingers

Hand-battered fried chicken breast fillet, tossed with cayenne pepper and served with java rice for P148.

Country-Fried Chicken Steak

Fried breaded chicken fillet, topped with roated garlic, milk gravy served with java rice for P148.

Chicken Tender Bites

Hand battered fried chicken fillet, served with honey mustard and java rice for P148.

Honey Glaze Chicken Tender

Hand battered fried chicken, basted with honey glaze and served with java rice for P148.

Salisbury Steak

Wagyu and Angus mixed patty with milk gravy served with coleslaw and rice for P178.


A better version of 7/11’s slurpee for only P48!

Bottomless Brewed Iced Tea

The glass is big enough to hold your standard one glass of iced tea. But if you are an iced tea lover, why not get bottomless the iced tea? Only P48!

Aside from the ones shown there’s a lot more to try from their menu!



The staffs are accomodating, friendly and they serve the orders fast and fresh.

If I were to be asked, would I give it another try? Yes! I still lots to try from their menu!


For more information, visit their Facebook account here.

Cebu: Top destinations and activities!


Last March 14, 2015 – We booked a flight 2 months prior to our 4 days trip to Cebu. I went there with my boyfriend along with another pair of lovebirds–our close friends (Alixel Cheng and Laurie Ivan Bonete). I think we all forgot about the 2 p.m. hotel check-in time because we booked a 4:30 a.m. flight! Haha! We were able to get a cheaper hotel  rates thru Agoda.

Fast-forward to May 15, 2015 – I’m gonna skip the other details except for the part where we ran at the departure area because the attendants were already paging our names. Too early for exercise! Whew!

Below was our suggested 4 days do-it-yourself  itinerary when in Cebu:

Day 1: Malapascua Island

Malapascua Island

Arrived in Cebu at 5:30 a.m. – thanks to Kuya Guard for helping us find a private car that can be rented. We checked-in our baggage in the hotel first before our long trip to Maya port.

No traffic around that time yet but from Cebu City to Maya port it took us about 3-4 hours. Upon arriving Maya, a local approached us immediately explaining how we can go to and from Malapascua Island via public or private boats and how much the rate is. Another local from Malapascua Island offered us two packages:

1st: Kalanggaman Island

2nd: Island hopping

We would have loved to see the sandbars of Kalanggaman Island but it will take us another 2 hours of boat ride going there so we chose the Island Hopping in order for us to get back to Cebu City before dinner time – this didn’t happen though due to heavy traffic in the city.

Cebu Japanese Shipwreck
Japanese Shipwreck

I was very fascinated by the beauty of the underwater world! It was also my first time to see a Japanese shipwreck! Amaziiiing~ if only I have a pro diver’s license, I would have explored it. I’m definitely adding that to my bucket list!

Alixel <3

Day 2: Kawasan Falls and Canyoneering

We woke up at 3 a.m. to catch the 4:30 a.m. bus at South Bus Terminal and also not get stuck in heavy traffic (I really hate the traffic situation in Cebu). We boarded the bus with a sign of Bato “via Barili” and based on the information we got from the internet, we should hop off at Barangay Matutinao with a landmark of a church along the hi-way. Kawasan Falls is just kilometers away from the church.

We met with our tour guide Kuya Albert who was recommended to us by a friend. I also highly recommend him! He is very humorous and reliable. For his contact number, it can be found at the end of this blog.

The head gear, life vest and even rubber shoes (because we did not bring any) was provided by our guide. Price is P1,200/person. So far, Canyoneering is the most awesome yet scariest outdoor activity that I have ever done! It involves trekking, swimming, climbing and jumping off from a high place. Hooray to us for having the guts to jump from the highest point which is approximately 30 feet! Woohoo! I almost backed out! LOL.

Cebu Canyoneering
The couples 🙂
Cebu Canyoneering
30ft high cliff in side view. Doesn’t look that high but it is actually VERY high!
Cebu Canyoneering
Kuya Albert in the right side 😛
Post jump photo. Lovin’ the clear and bluish water of Kawasan Falls.
Enjoying the mini falls. Haha.

Day 3: Oslob Whale Shark, Sumilon Island and Sky Experience Adventure

While waiting for the Butanding (Whale Shark)

Just like the previous day, we woke up at 3 a.m. We rode a bus from South Bus Terminal with a sign of Bato “via Oslob” then hopped-off at Brgy. Tan-awan. The rate for snorkeling with a Whale Shark is P600. From 6 a.m.-12 p.m. they only allow the watching of whale sharks. I suggest that you come as early as 6 a.m. because that is the time when the whale sharks are fed and after that, they will go back into the deep.

Oh, hello there!
Done with our 30mins snorkeling
Solo shot?


Next destination, Sumilon Island! We were a bit disappointed because we were expecting to see the famous sandbar of Sumilon Island but we came at the wrong time, as it was high tide! No sandbar for us. *sad* While waiting for low tide, we enjoyed ourselves by doing underwater shots (which made our skin darker) LOL.

*patiently waiting*
Me (my favorite shot)
Laurie *peace*

No luck with the sandbar. For our final stop, onto Tumalog Falls! There’s nothing much to see but it is beautiful and I love the mist in the waterfalls area. I just took a photo of it and watched people swim then we headed back to the resort where we left our bags.

Tumalog Falls
Lover's on habal-habal!
Lover’s on habal-habal!

We had dinner buffet at Sparkz Restobar, Crown Regency Hotel and Towers. They have this promo; dinner buffet in Sparkz Restobar and 2 tickets of any rides in Sky Experience Adventure; we chose Edge Coaster and Sky Walk.

Edge Coaster
Sky Walk

Day 4: Yellow Submarine and Pasalubong

This is the only day that we did not plan any extreme activities and had at least 8 hours of sleep!

Due to heavy traffic we were 30 minutes late but thanks to the very patient boss and staff of Yellow Submarine, they waited for us! Huhu. We watched underwater creatures for an hour but aside from corals and fishes, there were also divers that performed a bubble show. So cute of them! :3

Isn’t it cute?!
Bubbles! 🙂
Ya, why so serious?

After Yellow Submarine, we visited my relatives then bought pasalubong in Shamrock. We had our dinner at Mactan airport while waiting for our flight back to Manila.

I actually did not expect that there are a lot of extreme activities that we could do in Cebu. Four days is not enough so we will just go back for the beaches and activities that we have missed. 🙂

Bye for now, Cebu. We had so much fun!


Photo Credits: Alixel Cheng and Laurie Ivan Bonete.

Click here for the video summary of our trip to Cebu 2015!

Kuya Albert Aspacio’s contact number: 09359254769

*Don’t forget to mention that we recommended him, you might get a discount. Haha! 😛

**Updated 1/08/16**

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