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    Albay, Bicol: Day 2 Adventure

    Woke up at 5:30 AM to pack-up our things. Locals said that the best time to see Mayon Volcano as a perfect cone is around 6 AM – 8 AM because during that time, there are no clouds around its crater.

    Mayon Volcano

    Mayon Volcano with smoke coming from its crater

    True enough, we had a mesmerizing view of Mayon Volcano from Barangay Pawa, Balading Street (thanks to Kuya Edwin!) while eating Malunggay Pandesal from Emong’s. Got a good shot of the volcano as well!

    For our 2nd day itinerary:

    1. Quitinday Falls and Underground River

    Inside Quitinday Underground River

    Inside Quitinday Underground River

    Quitinday Falls and Underground River (Brgy. Quitinday, Camalig) should not be confused Quintinday Hills (Brgy. Quitinday, Jovellar) because they are from different municipalities in Albay.

    It took us 1hr and 30mins to reach Quitinday Falls and Underground River. We wanted to swim but decided not to because the water is not clear due to ongoing construction in the area. Environmental fee is P20 and P100 per person for Balsa rental going inside the underground river.

    2. Typhoon Reming Memorial Shrine

    Typhoon Reming Memorial Shrine

    Typhoon Reming Memorial Shrine

    Memorial for those 734 died, 2,360 injured and 762 missing during the Typhoon Reming.

    3. Embarcadero Mall

    Photo from:

    Water-front lifestyle hub at Legazpi City. Better to be visited at night because of its colorful beaming lights. A venue for shopping, dining, entertainment and adventure sport.

    Our last destination for Albay trip and where we had late lunch before going to terminal.

    As for our trip going to Manila, we chose to try DLTB Co.’s Lazy Boy style! Pricey but we actually paid for a comfortable trip and good sleep. Hehe. 🙂


    Expense (donations and food expense excluded):

    Quitinday Falls environmental Fee: P20/person

    Quitinday Underground River Balsa: P100/person

    Tricycle Rental (Whole Day): total of P1,000

    DLTB Co. Bus Line Lazy Boy (From Legazpi City Terminal to Cubao Terminal): P1,100/person

    Day 1 Itinerary click here.

    Video Summary click here.



    Albay, Bicol: Day 1 Adventure

    Day 0: Manila to Legazpi City, Albay

    We chose to go to Legazpi City by bus because it is way cheaper than by airplane, but will take you at least 12 hours of travel time. So if you have extra cash and can’t take long hours of travel, it is better to travel by airplane. The DLTB Co. 2×2 air-conditioned bus fare is P810 from Cubao Bus Terminal to Legazpi City Bus Terminal.

    We were supposed to depart at 8 PM but due to traffic, our bus was late for almost 30 minutes. Aside from being late, there was a problem with its radiator so we had to stop every hour to prevent it from overheating; which made our trip looonger. 🙁 But glad we had a safe trip.

    Day 1: Albay Day Tour

    Finally, we arrived in Legazpi City at 9:30 AM. Not knowing how to go to Night and Day Inn  (reservation was made thru Agoda), we were glad to be approached by Kuya Edwin Cortes, a bubbly and very kind tricycle driver; we rent him to drive and guide us around Albay. Renting a tricycle is just our choice because we want to maximize our trip by not getting lost and due to time constraint. Kuya Edwin could actually passed as a tourist guide because he could explain the histories of each places very well and he knows a lot of people from different Barrios!

    For our Day 1 tour, we were able to visit 7 places:

    1. Cagsawa Ruins

    Cagsawa Ruins

    Cagsawa Ruins is now a park managed by the municipal of Daraga and is one of the most visited tourist spot in Albay with an entrance fee of P10. You can enjoy the view of Mayon Volcano with famous Cagsawa belfry in front. Around the park are several souvenir shops and locals that offer trick shots!

    It was gloomy on the day of our visit so the Mayon Volcano was hiding from us behind the clouds.

    2. Quitinday Hills

    Quitinday Hills

    Albay’s newest tourist spot and own version of Bohol’s famous Chocolate Hills! We did not rent habal-habal anymore because we already have Kuya Edwin’s tricycle. 🙂  The road going to Quitinday Hills is not yet developed so we had to endure the rough road. Upon arrival, we were warmly welcomed by the local guides and had some short introduction about the hills. The guide said it became open to hikers/ tourists around March 2015 so I guess we were lucky to find the place earlier before it becomes too popular. 🙂 There is no entrance fee and any amount of donation will do.

    The trek going up to the hill is easy and will only take 5 minutes to reach the top, this makes it a tourist-friendly. The breezy hill-top will make you want to stay longer and linger at the attraction or, will make you want to sleep on wooden bench or inside the Kubo. Haha. We only stayed for 20 minutes because we want to maximize our day.

    3. Hoyop-Hoyopan Cave

    Inside Hoyop-Hoyopan Cave

    Located in Camalig Albay. Upon entering you can instantly feel a blow of cold air thus, the word “Hoyop” in Bicol dialect means to blow. The entrance fee is P100 per person. The price is worth it as you will learn a lot about the history of the cave.

    Hoyop-Hoyopan Cave served as a guerilla and refugee camp during Japanese occupancy. There is also dance floor inside the cave because during Martial Law era, the cave served as a dance hall for partygoers. During typhoons, locals sheltered themselves inside the cave.

    The Hoyop-Hoyopan cave is now privately maintained by the Soriano, Nieva, and Nuylan families.

    4. Daraga Church

    Daraga Church

    Daraga Church or the Church of Nuestra Señora de la Porteria (Our Lady of the Gate). A centuries-old church which was declared a Cultural Treasure by the National Museum in 2007. The church is still under construction so we did not stay longer, but would love to visit it again once already completed.

    Since the church is located at the top of the hill, the view of Mayon Volcano is breathtaking. It is a good location for picture taking too.

    5. Ligñon Hill

    Liñon Hill

    The Ligñon Hill Natural Park promises a breathtaking sights and fun thrilling activities. The entrance fee is P20 for non-locals. We walked our way to the top because the tricycle won’t be able to make it. It was tiring but the long walk will be worth it when you reached the top. The air was so refreshing and the view of Mayon Volcano is so mesmerizing! A good place to chill and take photos because of panoramic 360 degree view of Legazpi City, Daraga, Albay Gulf and the Mayon Volcano at the view deck.

    6. Japanese Tunnel

    Japanese Tunnel

    The tunnels were dug at Ligñon Hill by the Japanese soldiers during World War II and used it to hide their equipment. Some of the relics inside the tunnel were already moved to museum and the only item left was the old typewriter and a statue of a Japanese soldier. There were also small bats inside the tunnel. 🙂 They have a policy of no guide, no entry.

    7. Embarcadero de Legazpi

    View from Embarcadero de Legazpi

    The place is across the Mayon Volcano and the ambiance is the same as Manila Bay. You could enjoy the view of Mayon Volcano while fishing, biking, jogging and eating. I’m not quite sure what else to do there aside from those activities, so I guess the best time to be there is during sunset.


    Day 1 Expense (donations and food expense excluded):

    DLTB Co. Bus Line (From Cubao Terminal to Legazpi City terminal): P810/person

    Tricycle Rental (Whole Day): total of P1,300

    Cagsawa Entrance Fee: P10/person

    Ligñon Hill (non-local): P20/person

    Click here for our Albay, Bicol trip video summary. Enjoy!

    For Day 2 Itinerary click here. 

    Video Summary click here.

    Kuya Edwin’s Contact Number: 09093159805


    Cebu: Top destinations and activities!

    Last March 14, 2015 – We booked a flight 2 months prior to our 4 days trip to Cebu. I went there with my boyfriend along with another pair of lovebirds–our close friends (Alixel Cheng and Laurie Ivan Bonete). I think we all forgot about the 2 p.m. hotel check-in time because we booked a 4:30 a.m. flight! Haha! We were able to get a cheaper hotel  rates thru Agoda.

    Fast-forward to May 15, 2015 – I’m gonna skip the other details except for the part where we ran at the departure area because the attendants were already paging our names. Too early for exercise! Whew!

    Below was our suggested 4 days do-it-yourself  itinerary when in Cebu:

    Day 1: Malapascua Island

    Malapascua Island

    Malapascua Island

    Arrived in Cebu at 5:30 a.m. – thanks to Kuya Guard for helping us find a private car that can be rented. We checked-in our baggage in the hotel first before our long trip to Maya port.

    No traffic around that time yet but from Cebu City to Maya port it took us about 3-4 hours. Upon arriving Maya, a local approached us immediately explaining how we can go to and from Malapascua Island via public or private boats and how much the rate is. Another local from Malapascua Island offered us two packages:

    1st: Kalanggaman Island

    2nd: Island hopping

    We would have loved to see the sandbars of Kalanggaman Island but it will take us another 2 hours of boat ride going there so we chose the Island Hopping in order for us to get back to Cebu City before dinner time – this didn’t happen though due to heavy traffic in the city.

    Cebu Japanese Shipwreck

    Japanese Shipwreck

    I was very fascinated by the beauty of the underwater world! It was also my first time to see a Japanese shipwreck! Amaziiiing~ if only I have a pro diver’s license, I would have explored it. I’m definitely adding that to my bucket list!


    Alixel <3

    Day 2: Kawasan Falls and Canyoneering

    We woke up at 3 a.m. to catch the 4:30 a.m. bus at South Bus Terminal and also not get stuck in heavy traffic (I really hate the traffic situation in Cebu). We boarded the bus with a sign of Bato “via Barili” and based on the information we got from the internet, we should hop off at Barangay Matutinao with a landmark of a church along the hi-way. Kawasan Falls is just kilometers away from the church.

    We met with our tour guide Kuya Albert who was recommended to us by a friend. I also highly recommend him! He is very humorous and reliable. For his contact number, it can be found at the end of this blog.

    The head gear, life vest and even rubber shoes (because we did not bring any) was provided by our guide. Price is P1,200/person. So far, Canyoneering is the most awesome yet scariest outdoor activity that I have ever done! It involves trekking, swimming, climbing and jumping off from a high place. Hooray to us for having the guts to jump from the highest point which is approximately 30 feet! Woohoo! I almost backed out! LOL.

    Cebu Canyoneering

    The couples 🙂

    Cebu Canyoneering

    30ft high cliff in side view. Doesn’t look that high but it is actually VERY high!

    Cebu Canyoneering

    Kuya Albert in the right side 😛

    Cebu Canyoneering

    Post jump photo. Lovin’ the clear and bluish water of Kawasan Falls.


    Enjoying the mini falls. Haha.


    Day 3: Oslob Whale Shark, Sumilon Island and Sky Experience Adventure

    While waiting for the Butanding (Whale Shark)

    Just like the previous day, we woke up at 3 a.m. We rode a bus from South Bus Terminal with a sign of Bato “via Oslob” then hopped-off at Brgy. Tan-awan. The rate for snorkeling with a Whale Shark is P600. From 6 a.m.-12 p.m. they only allow the watching of whale sharks. I suggest that you come as early as 6 a.m. because that is the time when the whale sharks are fed and after that, they will go back into the deep.


    Oh, hello there!


    Done with our 30mins snorkeling


    Solo shot?


    Next destination, Sumilon Island! We were a bit disappointed because we were expecting to see the famous sandbar of Sumilon Island but we came at the wrong time, as it was high tide! No sandbar for us. *sad* While waiting for low tide, we enjoyed ourselves by doing underwater shots (which made our skin darker) LOL.


    *patiently waiting*




    Me (my favorite shot)


    Laurie *peace*





    No luck with the sandbar. For our final stop, onto Tumalog Falls! There’s nothing much to see but it is beautiful and I love the mist in the waterfalls area. I just took a photo of it and watched people swim then we headed back to the resort where we left our bags.

    Tumalog Falls

    Tumalog Falls

    Lover's on habal-habal!

    Lover’s on habal-habal!

    We had dinner buffet at Sparkz Restobar, Crown Regency Hotel and Towers. They have this promo; dinner buffet in Sparkz Restobar and 2 tickets of any rides in Sky Experience Adventure; we chose Edge Coaster and Sky Walk.


    Edge Coaster

    Edge Coaster

    Sky Walk

    Sky Walk

    Day 4: Yellow Submarine and Pasalubong

    This is the only day that we did not plan any extreme activities and had at least 8 hours of sleep!

    Due to heavy traffic we were 30 minutes late but thanks to the very patient boss and staff of Yellow Submarine, they waited for us! Huhu. We watched underwater creatures for an hour but aside from corals and fishes, there were also divers that performed a bubble show. So cute of them! :3


    Isn’t it cute?!


    Bubbles! 🙂


    Ya, why so serious?

    After Yellow Submarine, we visited my relatives then bought pasalubong in Shamrock. We had our dinner at Mactan airport while waiting for our flight back to Manila.

    I actually did not expect that there are a lot of extreme activities that we could do in Cebu. Four days is not enough so we will just go back for the beaches and activities that we have missed. 🙂

    Bye for now, Cebu. We had so much fun!


    Photo Credits: Alixel Cheng and Laurie Ivan Bonete.

    Click here for the video summary of our trip to Cebu 2015!

    Kuya Albert Aspacio’s contact number: 09359254769

    *Don’t forget to mention that we recommended him, you might get a discount. Haha! 😛

    **Updated 1/08/16**

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