My Life Lately: December

My Life Lately

December just started out but a lot already happened… or not, really. Looking back on what happened for the past few days, here’s the list of my life lately:

  1. Attended at the very early office Christmas Party (seriously? Christmas Party on first week of December?! Haha) and I was unexpectedly awarded as the best “Goth” costume since our theme was First Day High. Hooray for P1,000 that I got. Meh.
  2. Been meeting a lot of close friends lately to celebrate their promotions and birthdays. I’m happy for them! So if I’m not at work then I’ll be somewhere else but home.
  3. Eating a LOT! Like, I do not get full or satisfied with what I eat – may it be junk foods or real foods. Why oh why. I this normal? Or am I still normal? LOL.
  4. During my shift… of course, I’m working! 😛
  5. Yet I why do I still feel like I’m missing out a lot because of work? Hmm. Plus, I have to work on 25th and 31st of December – Night shift! SMH.
  6. Re-budgeting, jotting down expenses, random thoughts and ideas.
  7. Reading the book A Work In Progress by Connor Franta. Connor motivates and inspires me. I love you, Connor! 🙂
  8. Torn between if I should get Fujifilm XT10 or not because I want to save yet I want to have that expensive camera. The battle between wants and needs. Could just someone please give this to me as a gift?! Haha
  9. Planning on what business should I start? Where to invest?
  10. Too much time spent on Social Media.

Eww, did I just used a lot of emoticons and abbreviations? LOL. Am I just overthinking or making my life complicated? I hope not. Well, I also hope that I’m still on the right track and that I could start a business, soon! 🙂


What was the turning point of your life?

We all have those turning points in our lives. A moment that magically makes you know what is right then suddenly you dare yourself in either staying in your old trail (comfort zone) or forget the old one and re-define your future by writing a new script for your life.

Should I stay or walk away?
Yes or No?
Listen to your heart or to fear?
Do you want to be in the same spot or are you going to step-up?

Some are scared to embrace change, why?

We change
But failed
We doubt
We go back to our comfort zone
We take time to think
We over-think
We worry

 It is sad that we easily give up once we experience a failure, when we really all just need to do is to stand again and learn from that failure.

Nothing happens until you decide.

Your dream house will not be there the moment you wake-up. The money you need will not magically show up. You will not have an answer in your test unless you choose between A, B, C or D. Not a single thing will occur. You have to decide first.

Don’t let fear steal your dreams. Say YES to your heart, to what you love.

Don’t let fear stop you, let love help you to step-out of your shell. Just say yes to your heart, to what you love and you will feel more alive. 🙂

When was the turning point of your life?