Pantene: Stronger and Shinier Hair Inside Out

Last week, I received a surprise Christmas gift from Belle De Jour Community – Olay products. But the surprise doesn’t end there, I woke up with another gift from BDJ! And this time, the parcel contains my favorite Pantene products! Yehey for more surprises!


Hair Fall Control Shampoo

Contains Keratin Damage Blockers technology that helps prevent hair breakage caused by damage, resulting in up to 98% less hair fall when used daily.

• Strengthens hair from root to tip
• Prevents damage that results in hair breakage
• Up to 98% less hair fall with daily use

Hair Fall Control Conditioner

Nourishes and fortifies hair from root to tip to prevent breakage caused by hair dehydration. Use every day to reinforce and strengthen hair.

  • Nourishes and moisturises hair
  • Prevents breakage caused by hair dehydration
  • Reduces hair fall with daily use

Pantene 3MM

Hair Fall Control 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner


Strengthen hair against breakage for 98% less hair fall

  • Smoothens 3 months of damage in 3 minutes
  • Lasting strength for reduced hair fall due to breakage
  • Pro-V formula fortifies hair at the structural level
  • Nourishes hair for added strength and shine

When it comes to hair – ironing, curling, coloring and blow-drying – experimentation is endless and sucks the life out of women’s hair that leads to dull, damaged locks.

I’ve been using Pantene Hair-Fall Control shampoo and conditioner since high school. It was recommended by my sister and cousin when I told them that I’m experiencing hair fall. Even though hair fall is normal, I think it’s better to control the as soon as possible to prevent your hair from thinning, right? 🙂

I have also alternate my Pantene Hair-Fall Control conditioner with Pantene 3 Minute Miracle conditioner. It transforms brittle, rigid and damaged hair into hair so healthy, soft and shinier from inside out in just 3 minutes. You’ll also love the new fragrance which is based on fresh wild straberry and raspberry. With this, your hair is always on the go! 😉


Sneak Peek To My First Blogapalooza Experience!

Blogapalooza 2015_2


The event happened on October 25, 2015 at One Esplanade from 10AM to 9PM. I thought I won’t be able to attend the event because I got fever early that morning. 🙁 I was starting to get hopeless until I somehow felt better at around 1PM so I rushed over to One Esplanade with the boyfriend. Haha. Yco was very supportive to me on that day even though he knows that I’m too sick to go out. He was my personal assistant on that day, reminding me to eat, to drink water, med, and etc. But later that night, my fever still went back.

Moving forward, in my previous post I explained what Blogapalooza is. But in case you have missed that post, Blogapalooza is the biggest B2B (Business-to-Bloggers) event wherein businesses will present their products and services to Bloggers and Online Influencers. Freebies/Samples will be also given to Bloggers and Online Influencers then they must help those businesses to gain exposure by sharing their honest insights thru online.

I’ve been waiting for this event since last month so I filed a vacation leave and even my fever can’t stop me (I’m sorry body). Haha. Here’s a sneak peek to my first ever Blogapalooza!

These are the freebies that I received from the event. So many, right?! But take note, there are booths that I did not visit because my fever went back. 😉

Booth #1: I AM Cardboard

This one is simple yet amazing. Yes, the products were made from a cardboard! I AM Cardboard is a group that is developing a virtual reality headmounted device. The apps they use can be downloaded in smartphones. Once you get your own VR, just place the smartphone inside the cardboard then enjoy your virtual life!


Booth #2: Chips Delight

Chips delight

Chips Delight Striped Chocolate Chip Cookies is one of my favorite cookies! I didn’t actually know that they have at least 12 different flavors so during that night, I was able to try some of the other flavors; they even gave me my own pack of Chips Delight Chocolate Chip Brittle Brownie! Hoho. I was munching it last night with my mom while watching my favorite night show. Haha. Grab one and #ShareTheDelight!  🙂


Booth #3: Fruit Tea

The booth with many activities! They have photobooth, caricature artists, contests and Fruit Tea samples. Sosro Fruit Tea was our thirst quencher that night and they offer 4 flavors: Freeze, Apple, Strawberry and Guava. I chose Guava flavor while Yco chose Freeze, both taste good anyway. 🙂


Booth #4: Lactium

They have this game wherein I have to pop-out the balloon with the image of the main cause of my stress in life; that’s how I got my heart-shaped stress ball. They also have a sample of Lactium capsules and stress test where I answered 35 questions and got a “Low Stress” result! Yey for me! Maybe it is also the result of keeping a positive vibes. 🙂 If you want to know more about Lactium, click the link below.


Booth #5: Ace Water Spa

I love how they gave out a bag with many freebies inside of it! Thank you so much Ace Water Spa! I haven’t tried their spa yet but hopefully I could try it out before this year ends. 🙂 Well, aside from their spa, you could also stay and relax in one of their hotel suites or unwind at the Sky High Bar.


Booth #6: Food Panda

It’s okay that I didn’t get to hug the Panda mascot because at least, I got a chance to mingle with these cool Food Panda crew! Yco got the Hungry? shirt from a game while I got a Food Panda tumbler. 🙂 Download Food Panda app and browse hundred of menus to find the food that you want to be delivered. Worry no more!


Booth #6: The Diff

The most artistic booth in the event, The Diff! They offer a customized phone case but wait there’s more! They also displayed the other works of their artists such as posters, books and cookies. I also met Apol Sta Maria the Author/ Artist behind the Ang Alamat ng Panget & Many Other book that I bought for Php 200, he even signed it with my name! 🙂 Characters were drawn creatively, the story is so witty and the book is in a black and white so I’m currently fighting the temptation to color it. Haha!


Booth #7: Outbreak Manila

What will you do if you see a Zombie? Run! I once tried Outbreak Manila and those zombies really gave me a scary feeling! Like I have to run as fast as I can just to escape from them. OMG! Everyone behind the fun run acts as if they are real. Good job for scaring everyone. Haha. Anyway, I got a shirt from the raffle in their booth. 🙂 If you want to feel what I felt, don’t forget to register and gear up on their next run.


Booth #8: Aqua Best

My thought about the game, “Ha! This will be easy, I play beer pong!” then ta-da! I shoot 1 ball inside the cup and I got a foldable fan. Just what sick people need, water!


Booth #9: Flawless

I know how to play golf so I cannot… accept… the truth that I did not shoot any of the 3 balls! lol. Well, the good news is I still got a P500 discount voucher valid until 2016. Ha! If only I came earlier, I would have seen Maxine Magalona. *cries*


There are still other booths around the corner but didn’t go there anymore because for the Nth time, I’m not feeling well already. I even saw Urbandub with Mommy Reylen of Made It Through Mom in the JB Music photobooth but I didn’t get a chance to say “Hi”. 🙁 I also saw from other accounts that Kamikazee went there. Geez.

Obviously, I enjoyed my first Blogapalooza event so I’m looking forward for the next one and hope to see familiar faces (also not to have fever on that day). Congratulations to all the people behind this successful event! And oh by the way, here’s my contact card. 😉 I love meeting other people!


Halloween Preparation

Halloween is approaching, are you ready?

Halloween is definitely a fun excuse for adults to decorate their house and to put costumes on their children to spook their household and/or their neighbors. If you are interested to join the fun you can either go in a haunted-house or a fairy-tale theme for the upcoming holiday. Well, for this year, I would like to do a simple fairy-tale theme for our house.

So as I browse through online for decorations and costumes to use, I stumbled upon I am actually having a hard time to choose because they offer too many cute costumes and decorations for a very cheap price. Most of the items that I am eyeing have LED lights because I want the house decorations to be seen not only during at day but also at night. I also believe that a fairy-tale theme should be colorful, even at darkness. (Check it out: here)

Fairy-Tale Decoration #1Led Candle Light(Direct link: here)

To add a little colorful effect even in the dark, I want to try this led candle instead of plain real candles. LED candles are much safer to use because they have no actual flame. This means they can be used in any room in the house including children’s bedrooms.

Fairy-Tale Decoration #2


(Direct link: here)

Pumpkins symbolizes Halloween, even before. Show your Halloween spirit, indoors and out, with these festive pumpkin lights!

Fairy-Tale Decoration #3


(Direct link: here)

Did I say fairy-tale theme? Yup! This will surely add a fairy-tale feels around the house. Obviously, I will put them over the plants ooor on magnetic things because if you check the product description, it is magnetic. Haha. 😛

Fairy-Tale Decoration #4


(Direct link: here)

A flower-filled room will make you and your visitors feel lost in a beautiful forest where fairies live! Ohh, too much imagination! Haha. I could also partner this with butterflies. 🙂

What do you think? Are these too much or too simple? Nevertheless, I’m excited and I still have a lot to browse!

Sign-up and join Blogapalooza 2015!

Hey there, fellow bloggers! One of the most awaited event for bloggers is still open for sign-up! Great, isn’t it? 🙂

What: Blogapalooza 2015!

When & Where: October 25, 2015 at One Esplanade from 10AM to 9PM

How? Click here to sign-up

So what is actually Blogapalooza?

Blogapalooza is a community of Bloggers and Online Influencers wanting to feature and connect with Businesses.


Blogapalooza Events are composed of a Interesting Business Presentations, Entertainment, Trade Shows and Networking. Our events are always well attended and has always reached our target number (if not more) and promise to Businesses and Sponsors. We intend to improve this as we do more and more events in the future.

Today, Blogapalooza has diversified, from simply running one big annual event to running smaller events and a newsletter. We’re in the process of restructuring to offer more services and help more Bloggers and Businesses.

All you have to do is sign-up and wait for their confirmation. 🙂 I will be part of Blogapalooza 2015 so see you at One Esplanade!

Ethan’s Cafe in Valenzuela City

Ethan’s Cafe is  just 5 minutes away from where I live and if I’m not mistaken, this is the first coffee shop that opened in our neighbor. I spent one afternoon there with my sister and nephew. The exterior design is very modern and just by seeing it for the first time made me “WOW” already.

outisde Ethan's Cafe

The cafe have two floors. The first floor is small but could accommodate enough people and has a cute interior design. At the second floor are the balcony and a room that can be reserve for parties or private gatherings.

quote of the day

Ethan's Cafe Kitchen


private room

Aside from coffee and pastries, they also serve pasta and rice meals but I haven’t tried them yet. We ordered Blueberry Cheesecake, Pistachio Cake, Java Chip Frappucino, Cookies and Cream Frappucino and Iced Mocha. They use Mason Jars for cold drinks, something that I personally like about in coffee shops. 🙂

IMG_4648 IMG_4651
Foods: OK.

Place: OK. I like its modernism.

Staffs: Very friendly and accommodating. I even had the gut to ask one of the staffs who Ethan is. lol. Ethan is the son of the owners.

Price: Affordable.

Will definitely go back to try other foods that they offer. I bet this place will become popular soon.

Located at 14 Fausto St. cor. Manotoc Subdivision, Marulas, Valenzuela City

For contact number and reservation:


Click here to check out their menu: Facebook page and Instagram account.


Hi everyone!

For those who doesn’t know yet, I am a moderator in one of Disqus channel, called Wanderlust!

Disqus, pronounced as “Discuss”, is a service and tool for web comments and discussions. Disqus makes commenting easier and more interactive, while connecting websites and commenters across a thriving discussion community.

Join me with other users around the world as we disqus different travel topics. 🙂


Twenty20: Take Your Mobile Photography To The Next Level

Just found out about this application today and I love it already!

What is Twenty20?

Twenty20 is an application that allows amateur and mobile photographers to make money by selling their photos. Showcase your photos and build your audience!

Are you a mobile photographer?

Get discovered and sell your photos to brands and digital creators. Earn money doing what you love.

Need fresh stock photos?

License authentic, original photography for your next project. Enjoy simple pricing and an easy, royalty-free license

What else?

You could also run a photo challenge to source photos for your project or join a photo challenge by submitting an entry.

Photo Challenge

Create your account, start and explore now! For free. 😉 

You may check my account here.

Can’t decide where to eat? 8 Street Bites might be for you!

There are several restaurants that one can choose from when you’re at SM City North EDSA for an obvious reason: It has three buildings! From The Annex to The Block and vice-versa, it can be quite hard to choose where to eat, especially when you are with your barkada. Ask them and you’ll most likely be answered with a resounding, “Kahit saan!

Well, 8 Street Bites Restaurant just might be for you and your group! It is an American-themed casual dining restaurant that offers a variety if choices. From appetizers to main dishes, to drinks and desserts that will surely satisfy everyone. Here’s a sneak peek as to why you should try and visit:

The Place and Ambiance

8 Street Bites Restaurant
8 Street Bites Restaurant

From the post-it design to the freedom wall up to the lighting, it really is inviting and has that oh-so-cozy feel that you would want to stay a little longer.

The Food

Aside from its inviting ambiance, the food is also affordable –  another reason why it is a perfect place to chill with your friends! Below are just some of their must-try:

8 Street Bites Restaurant
Freewayt Fries and Freeway Nachos

Freeway Fries

Fries that is covered with melted cheddar cheese, picco de galo and baked beans for P98.

Freeway Nachos

Tortilla chips covered with melted cheedar cheese, pico de galo and baked beans for P98.

Street-Fighter Chicken Fingers

Hand-battered fried chicken breast fillet, tossed with cayenne pepper and served with java rice for P148.

Country-Fried Chicken Steak

Fried breaded chicken fillet, topped with roated garlic, milk gravy served with java rice for P148.

Chicken Tender Bites

Hand battered fried chicken fillet, served with honey mustard and java rice for P148.

Honey Glaze Chicken Tender

Hand battered fried chicken, basted with honey glaze and served with java rice for P148.

Salisbury Steak

Wagyu and Angus mixed patty with milk gravy served with coleslaw and rice for P178.


A better version of 7/11’s slurpee for only P48!

Bottomless Brewed Iced Tea

The glass is big enough to hold your standard one glass of iced tea. But if you are an iced tea lover, why not get bottomless the iced tea? Only P48!

Aside from the ones shown there’s a lot more to try from their menu!



The staffs are accomodating, friendly and they serve the orders fast and fresh.

If I were to be asked, would I give it another try? Yes! I still lots to try from their menu!


For more information, visit their Facebook account here.