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    Weekend Getaway at Baguio City V.2

    It was surely an unplanned Baguio visit with my team mates. Februrary 26, 2016 – we didn’t even know that it’s Panagbenga Festival! *chuckles*

    We all agreed to meet in Victory Liner, Cubao at around 5AM. I told them that I’ll buy bus tickets for us since I’m the first one to get there. Sad to say, the earliest possible that we could get was at 10:30AM. Yes, I did buy the tickets because #YOLO, it’s now or never! Haha. So we had to wait for 5 more hours and was hoping to be a chance passenger in earlier trips, but still nah.

    Chance Passenger

    Arrived in Baguio City at 5PM then we checked-in Hotel Veniz. I have missed the Lomo Ribs of Canto so I dragged them at Ketchup: The Food Community to have our dinner.

    Lomo Ribs

    No definite plan afterwards, so we just had a night walk around Wright Park, Burnham Park and Session Road. After the long night walks, we finally decided to go back to hotel at around 11PM then watched The Conjuring on HBO!

    Burnham Park

    © Dominic Dawat

    Burnham Park

    On the next day, we went back to Burnham Park. The gorgeous scenery and the cool weather, oohh… the things that I always miss to see in Baguio City!

    Mines View Park

    Nothing much have changed since my last visit. Still a popular place to get cheap pasalubong, plants and to have a cliff overlooking the mountains.

    The Mansion

    We rode in jeepney from the Mines View Park going down to The Mansion –  the summer residence of the Philippine President. Only good for taking pictures because going inside the mansion is not allowed and other than that, there’s nothing else to do.


    Wright Park

    Right in front of the Mansion. We often joke that the place and the vibe look like the same from what we see in Koreanovelas. 😛 We have enjoyed the sight of the people walking around, the horse back ride, the pine trees and all the other things that the Wright Park could offer!

    IMG_9926 IMG_9938

    Botanical Garden

    Botanical Garden is just 10 minutes walk from the Wright Park. A cool place with nice flowers, photo opportunities and interesting structures such as Chinese pagoda, Golden Gate Bridge, various other bridges and walkways with plenty of shade.


    Golden Bridge, OTWOL feels!

    Laperal White House

    Another famous spot along the Leonard Wood Rd. is the Laperal White House. A Victorian style house with a dark history but it was now transformed into a gallery of Filipino artworks based on bamboo and wood.

    IMG_0003 IMG_9976

    Bagiuo Museum

    It was my first time here. The Baguio Museum is a 4 storey building that proudly presents the history and the transformation of Baguio City. There are also displayed paintings that they sell.

    IMG_0018 IMG_0011Panagbenga Festival

    Just a few shots of the Panabenga Festival because it’s almost time for us to go back to Manila. 🙂

    Long walks around Baguio City is so worth it!


    CD-R (CJ, Doms and Rika)

    Weekend Getaway at Baguio City V.1



    Weekend at Pinto Art Museum, Antipolo City

    Pinto Art Museum is a 1.3 hectare lot that houses several modern art by different artists. The entrance looks like a Spanish style adobe house with the signage Pinto Art Museum in stainless steel over it.


    Since it was a weekend, we were immediately greeted by a long queue at the ticket booth as we enter. I have noticed that not only the locals visit the museum but also foreigners. 🙂 The museum is open during Tuesday to Sunday from 9AM to 6PM. Please see below for the the entrance fee:

    Php 180 – Regular Ticket 

    Php 150 – Senior Citizen

    Php 100 – Students with ID

    Free – 3 years old and below


    I’ve been in museums before, but this one is very unusual! More of an eclectic art form. A human body that is made of wires, compiled X-ray images of religious icons, statues with so much detail, a bamboo forest room, and a lot more! Even the comfort rooms have too much art in it. Haha! I will not upload every photo that I have taken so that I won’t spoil you. 🙂Arts Amor

    The gardens are well maintained, no wonder that Pinto Art Museum is also good for prenup and photo shoots. The galleries have huge windows that allow the cool breeze to get inside and there are also beds everywhere! It was tempting to sleep on the bed because of the cool breeze and relaxing atmosphere.

    gardengarden 2Since Antipolo City lies in the mountains, you’ll have a wonderful view of Metro Manila too. Then, during at night, you’ll get to enjoy the sight of city lights. In case you want to chill out or eat, they also have a cafe and restaurant inside the venue.Cafe


    Overall, Pinto Art Museum can be enjoyed by everyone at any time of the day. I must say, it was a one relaxing weekend for us.signature